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The Keys to Pain Free Movement
The Keys to Pain Free Movement
  • Testimonials

    David G.


    The reason I drive 30 miles for 10+ years to see Stephanie vs therapists near me.

    I am a recreational athlete (run, bike, lift, basketball) who has had many aches and pains over the years.

    Stephanie does a few things

    • She understands my desire to be an athlete
    • She achieves Pain relief through massage and other techniques
    • She understands, explains, and treats the cause of the pain not just the symptoms
    • She gives appropriate advice on corrective exercises to help the issue going forward
    • She has helped me with shoulder injuries, low-back injuries, hamstrings, and knee.

    Helen S.


    I am writing this testimony for Stephanie Metzger because I have had, and continue to have, her services as a professional massage therapist. To begin, I need to insert the challenge I have been going through for the past two years following back surgery for spinal stenosis. During the surgery I had an adverse reaction to anesthesia. Even though the surgery was successful, my recuperation period was delayed because of mental challenges I was facing from the anesthesia. After six months, I began physical therapy to build strength again in my back and to help with knee problems from osteoarthritis. Over a year’s time and three different physical therapists, I had made little progress. I had become complacent and thought my health issues were doomed.

    A good friend knew of my health issues and lack of success in getting better. She recommended Stephanie. I was reluctant at first because I just didn’t understand how massage therapy would work, other than to relax my body for a short time. I called Stephanie, explained my issues. She offered to come to my home and work with me! Who knew over a year later, we would still have weekly appointments! I have reached a point where I am much better, I am more flexible than I have been in years, and I have more confidence than ever. 

    Stephanie has become an important part of my well-being. My internist and physical therapist agree that she has helped me in great strides. I admit I have been a big challenge to Stephanie because when she started working with me, I did not have the mind set to get well or understand how to get better.  But she came in, ready to take on the challenge. She is the ultimate professional, and she also has the knowledge and sensitivity to relate and help anyone with health and emotional needs. I admire her immensely; my husband appreciates the time she has dedicated to me because he has been on this journey with me.  

    I could go on and on with examples of how she has helped, but I hope I have said enough to relay what an extraordinary person and professional she is.  

    Susan L.

    Stephanie is an excellent intuitive therapist and healer.  She uses innate skills to locate and address major issues that had prevented me from reaching my full potential.  In addition she goes the extra mile to give her very best and advise accordingly.   I highly recommend Stephanie Metzger. 

    Deborah R.

    I had been to a physical therapist, chiropractor, and other massage therapist and no one was able to get rid of my hip pain.  I lived with it for 15 years.   The first time I saw Stephanie, I could not believe how much better I felt.  After just a few sessions, I was walking without the aching pain that I had lived with for so many years.

    Don M.

    Massage is for pampering, or at least I thought so until my wife finally talked me into seeing a massage therapist for my neck pain.  It had gotten to the point I was willing to try anything.  To my great surprise, this girl was way stronger than I expected.  She got me feeling better and turning my head in ways it hadn't moved in years!