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The Keys to Pain Free Movement
The Keys to Pain Free Movement
  • REhabilitation Specialist

    Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist

    Stephanie Metzger utilizes her extensive experience and multi-modality training to support her clients in achieving their mental, physical, and spiritual goals. Through incorporating functional medicine principles, nueromuscular massage, energy healing, Thai, PNT, Reflexology, Hot Stone and Nuerogenic pain patterning, Stephanie is able to assess, develop, and implement an individualized plan of care for each client.  She listens carefully, observes, and re-asses to continually create a uniquely healing experience.

    What no one tells you

    Avoid surgery! Stop taking pain pills! Re-pattern your behavior!  There are options with complementary alternative medicine.  Massage is a general term that does not define the many differences of infinite healing modalities that a Massage Therapist might provide.  In addition to the many benefits of relaxation, medical massage can significantly decrease chronic pain, decrease recovery time, increase range of motion, help with depression, sleep disorders, digestion, headaches, TMJ dysfunction and many other symptoms for which doctors over prescribe medication or surgery.

    Reliable Results

    Through assessment, evaluation, and treatment, clients receive personalized care that creates positive goal oriented results